About Us

Who Are We

We are The CV Checkers. Since day one we have been helping our customers on the journey of finding a new job. We are a team of CV Experts, ready to help you achieve a CV that you deserve. You may have heard of a Check and Verify Service on a CV, that is us, the only company in the UK to offer this.

What We Do

At The CV Checkers, our aim is to help you get over the first hurdle of applying for a job. Your CV is your number one career tool, getting this right will open doors for you in your Career, not to mention save you hundreds of hours applying for jobs. Imagine having a service where you can send your CV and have an expert look over it for 1 hour, amending the structure, optimising the content ensuring it stands out, fixing any spelling mistakes and improving on the grammar, and finally making sure it passes an Applicant Tracking System. With our expert team, that is where The CV Checkers comes in.

Why We Do It

At The CV Checkers, we have a passion for helping others. We offer an affordable service for our customers, achieving outstanding results, without the high cost of having a CV written for you. We believe your CV should come from you, and our service ensures we are the middleman between you and the job you are applying for. We believe in value for money, and our Check and Verify service delivers you a cost-effective way of improving your CV. We are proud to offer the only UK Check and Verify service, which costs £30, for 1 hour of expert time on your CV, resulting in a 30% higher chance of landing that job interview.