Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Here's some info that just might help.

What do The CV Checkers do?

We offer the UK’s only Check and Verify service on your CV.

What does a Check and Verify mean?

We check the contents of your CV, which includes amendments to the structure, we optimise the content ensuring it stands out, a spell and grammar check with amendments and improvements and ensure it is ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly, meaning you are 30% more likely to proceed to an interview stage. We also Verify your CV is print compatible for the recruiter, meaning you will receive your new CV back in Word and PDF format, ensuring you are ready to start your job hunt.

Who will complete the Check and Verify on my CV?

One of our CV Experts will be dedicated to your CV. Our CV experts have the knowledge and background to know what Hiring Managers are looking for, and have worked with electronic screening tools, meaning you are 30% more likely to pass this stage once you’re using your new Checked and Verified CV. They will spend 1 hour dedicated to your CV completing the Check and Verify Service.

Is 1 hour long enough?

Yes, our CV Experts are experienced in what they do. They will review your CV, and in 1 hour complete the full Check and Verify Service. They have the knowledge on ‘what good looks like’, and it has become second nature to them to amend CV’s into something that will open doors for you.

How long does the Check and Verify service take?

From the moment you send us your CV, it will be back with you within 48 hours, all Checked and Verified.

In which format do I need to send my CV?

We require that you send us your CV in a Word Document. Once we have completed our Check and Verify service, your CV will be sent back to you in a Word and PDF format. Many UK companies use a screening process (ATS) which will only allow Word and PDF format, meaning if your CV is in any other format, it will be disregarded.

What is ATS? (Applicant Tracking System)

It is short for Applicant Tracking System. Around 30% of UK businesses use software that manages the recruiting and hiring process, meaning when you apply for a job, a computer will decide based on your CV, if to put you through to the interview stage or disregard your application, before anyone has seen it! Many companies use ATS software due to the high number of applications they receive. The ATS looks at three main categories, the format of your CV, keywords, and previous job titles. Our CV experts understand the ‘system’, even using certain fonts can help you pass the ATS stage. Using our Check and Verify service will result in more successful applications more of the time, 30% to be precise.

Do you offer CV Writing Services?

At The CV Checkers, we believe your CV is unique and personal to you, and should come from you. Sending us your CV ensures you have a middleman between you and the job you are applying for. You are 30% more likely to land an interview after using our Check and Verify Service, from using your own initial CV!

What is the difference between a Check and Verify service vs using a CV Writing Company?

Ultimately, if you are happy with the contents of your CV, a Check and Verify is for you. We ensure your CV stands out, is ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly, is modern and 30% more likely to land an interview, without the big cost of having a new CV written. It is important to us you know the contents of your CV for when you are in an interview, and our Check and Verify service allows that as it is your CV.

I do not have a CV, where do I start?

The CV Checkers, our answer to this would always be, give it a go! Our Check and Verify service is for everyone, having one of our experts spend 1 hour on your first CV can save you hours of applying for jobs and never hearing back. We will make any CV you send us ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly, meaning your chances of landing that job interview has already increased by 30%.

I wish to make my payment and proceed with a Check and Verify via my phone, however my CV is on my computer?

Once you have made the payment on your phone, you will receive a confirmation email. Please send us your CV by responding to that email with your CV attached.

How do I proceed with the Check and Verify Service?

Please click here to take you to the order page, we look forward to Checking and Verifying your CV!